Hire one of the nation's up-and-coming female directors.

Open for contract work in 2019.


Stories are my life. Writing, creating, and consuming stories— it’s all I ever want to do.

As the leader of the video department in ASEM Marketing, I am responsible for motion that serves our partners at all levels of production, from the beginning of the project to the delivery. I’m a writer, director, cinematographer, editor, and colorist, and have been working professionally since 2010. 

Being a director is an incredible mix of complex problem solving, coordinating with others, and creativity. To be successful, I’ve had to develop insights as a planner. Understand my audience like an account director. Figure out how to get things done as a producer. Execute, learn from the data, and do it all again. As a “video person” in 2019, I have the creative skills to develop a concept, the managerial skills to coordinate it, and the technical skills to execute.

Directing is about having a clear point of view—being able to provide strong direction is essential to creating a cohesive final piece. I also understand that I am not always the expert. Being a leader is “the willingness to act” but also to enable those working with me to make their own decisions according to their expert skill sets. I’m incredibly lucky in my position to get to work on a multitude of projects, often at the same time. When it’s a large project, I get to manage a multitude of artists to make intricate pieces. When it’s a small project, I get to work independently to create something that’s all my own. 

I’m not just an editing workhorse— I am heavily involved in developing strategy, creating concepts, and writing scripts. I believe strongly that projects need to start with a solid strategy. Over the last two years, the ASEM Marketing leadership team has spent countless hours researching our target markets, creating briefs based on tested strategies, executing creative concepts based on those strategies, and holding ourselves accountable to measurable outcomes.

Find my resume here, selected credits here, and email me here.

©2016 Andrew Swenson

©2016 Andrew Swenson